Not Your Shame is a Christian outreach that aims to reach those affected by drug addiction, prostitution (sex-trafficking), and homelessness. Our mission is to bring hope, healing, and restoration to someone's lost daughter. We target known areas of prostitution, as well as truck stops, casinos, massage parlors, brothels, and many strip clubs of Northwest Indiana. We have worked with other organizations such as the Chicago Dream Center, Rose of Sharon, The Skyway Railroad, Hospitals, and Detox Centers to get each individual the help they physically, spiritually, and emotionally need. Be it a listening ear over a cup of coffee, a familiar face to sit with at church, or a completely fresh new start at life again, NYS outreach wants women to know that there is freedom on the other side of their struggles and that God can break the chains of addiction, abuse, and shame.


Trafficking women and children for sexual exploitation is the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world.

Average cost of a slave is $90.

1.2 million children are trafficked each year.

Human trafficking is the buzzword right now, but many have a misconception of what that looks like. It rarely looks like the woman with a dog collar around her neck chained up in a dark room. Chances are that you have come across a victim of human trafficking and did not even know it. Statistics show as high as 90% of “prostitutes” have pimps. This in turn means the women have no control of their time, clients, or money, and are therefore victims of human trafficking. ​

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